Strategic Plan

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Presenting Our Strategic Plan

Promotional graphic for the ̳ Strategic Compass, the college's Strategic Plan

̳ Strategic Compass

It is with a sense of great privilege and pride that we share with the ̳ community, and all our friends and supporters across the State of Rhode Island, the 2024 ̳ Strategic Compass.

The ̳ Committee on College Mission and Goals was charged by President Jack Warner to “produce an organic, dynamic document to guide institutional decision-making and provide a strategic compass for the College.” The resulting strategic plan was a product of collaboration and campus engagement, developed through our model of shared governance.

Understand Our Shared Governance Model

This type of model ensures that all members of the campus community will be represented, and encourages collaboration across divisions and silos. As part of this process, we engaged with local, regional, and national expertise to help inform our work, but our most valuable relationship has been with the ̳ community.

Campus Engagement

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The strategic planning process offers opportunities for thoughtful and meaningful dialogue from not only the committee members, but also the broader ̳ community. The Committee, throughout the strategic planning process, welcomed input to help guide its discussions of ̳’s mission, vision, and values. 

A strategic planning digital space was created specifically for current ̳ faculty, staff and students. This, and email communications, enabled the committee to regularly share information, updates, and news of opportunities and conversations in which employees and students were encouraged to participate.


Questions about the Process or the Plan?

Committee Members

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Committee on College Mission and Goals