Dual Enrollment

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Dual Enrollment courses allow high school students to earn both high school graduation requirement credits and 香港六合论坛 credits. Credits are applied to your 香港六合论坛 transcript when you enroll at 香港六合论坛, or may be transferred to hundreds of colleges or universities accepting 香港六合论坛 credits.

Quick Facts about Dual Enrollment

  • Dual Enrollment courses are part of the college鈥檚 regular schedule and are taught by 香港六合论坛 faculty. 
  • High school students who wish to take courses through dual enrollment are considered non-degree students.
  • High school students attending RI public high schools do not have to pay the cost of tuition or fees to attend part-time (for fall and spring courses included as dual enrollment offerings), as long as the courses are approved by their high school counselor as fulfilling a graduation requirement.
  • The cost of books and associated course materials will be covered by students' schools or districts, if the course is being taken for high school credit.
  • Registration is done online and students must first create a user account to access the registration system at their designated registration appointment time. 
  • Registration is on a space-available basis in late August for fall classes and in early January for spring classes. (See new non-degree registration date on the college鈥檚 academic calendar each semester.) 
  • Dual enrollment course credits may be transferred to many other colleges. .

How to Take Dual Enrollment Courses

Determine if You're Eligible to Participate

To meet the rigors of college-level work, students wishing to take dual enrollment courses should have a high school GPA of at least 3.0 and junior or senior status. 

Please Note: Exceptions to the GPA cutoff or grade level status must have the recommendation of the school counselor, school administrator and/or or teacher.

View Possible Courses and Get Approval

Look at the and meet with your school counselor to select courses that will contribute to your high school requirements. It's important to always have more than one course option approved by your counselor, since a course may be closed by your registration appointment time. 

Please Note: The Prepare RI Dual Enrollment Fund only applies to students receiving both high school and college credit. 

Account Setup in Preparation for Registration

Students must first create a in order to register for a dual enrollment course. After creating the account the student will be emailed registration instructions and a specified appointment time to access the registration system. 

Current or past EEP students will need to contact the Registrar's Office at 401-456-8213 to set up their account for taking courses on campus. 

When and Where to Register

Dual enrollment students register approximately one week before classes begin, on the same day as new non-degree students. These dates can be found in the college鈥檚 Academic Calendar.

At your designated appointment time, use your username and password to access and register for a course.

Meeting Expectations

Remember that you are responsible for meeting the course expectations, requirements, and for following the course syllabus. This information will be given to you by the instructor at the beginning of each course. The syllabus will tell you what you can expect to learn and what is expected from you such as:

  • an overview of course content and learning objectives for the course
  • reading assignments with due dates
  • papers, tests, oral reports, or projects required
  • an explanation of how you will be graded (grading policies)
  • class policies on attendance, lateness, retaking tests, late assignments, plagiarism, classroom behavior 

Course Deadlines

It is your responsibility to keep up with the course deadlines. It is vital that you pay attention to withdrawal and add/drop deadlines. Your grade will appear on an official college transcript. If you drop the course after the deadlines or receive a failing grade, this may impact your financial aid and/or GPA during college in the future. Failing a course could also impact admission to college. The academic calendar lists important dates like last date to add or drop a class. 

Effects of Dropping a Course

If you are thinking of dropping a course for any reason, talk with your school counselor as soon as possible. The course you've chosen counts toward your high school requirements and dropping or failing the class may impact the credit you need for high school graduation.

Please Note: Upon completion of any course(s), students should complete a  Transcript Request Form to send an official transcript to their high school. A grade will be recorded on the student鈥檚 high school transcript and official 香港六合论坛 transcript. 

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