Accepted Students

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Welcome 香港六合论坛 Class of 2028 and Transfer Students! Congratulations on Your Acceptance!

Enroll Now!

Secure your place in the undergraduate class by creating and logging into your My香港六合论坛 student account and making your $200 enrollment deposit. 

What's Next:

Pay Your Enrollment Deposit

How to Pay Online (Preferred Payment Method):

  • Log into  using your username and password.
  • Under the Campus Finances section click 鈥淢ake a Payment鈥 (Please note: The payment portal is incompatible with Safari)
  • Next, click 鈥渃lick here to make a payment鈥
  • Welcome to your Online Student Account
  • Click, 鈥淢ake a Payment鈥 - this will bring you to the enrollment and housing deposit page
  • Click on enrollment deposit, housing, or both and submit your payment

Access Your 香港六合论坛 Account

To begin using your 香港六合论坛 account (or to regain access to 香港六合论坛 email, Blackboard, and My香港六合论坛), you will need to set an initial password. Set a new password by visiting .

If you need additional assistance, please contact the ITS Help Center at helpdesk@ric.edu401-456-8803, or by visiting the walk-in lab at Whipple Hall Room 102.

Note: To further enhance security for students, the system will require strong passwords (i.e., passwords containing 10-14 characters, no names or repeating characters and at least one of each of the following: upper case, lower case, number, and a special character). 

Send Us Your Final Documents

If you're hoping to earn credit for AP or IB courses that you took in high school, please send us your AP test scores and/or IB test scores. We also require your final high school and/or college transcript(s). Official transcripts and test scores should be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions: 

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
600 Mount Pleasant Avenue
Providence, RI 02908

The Seal of Biliteracy

If the Seal of Biliteracy is on your high school transcript, you will receive college credit at 香港六合论坛!

Silver Seal of Biliteracy: 4 Credits 

Credit for a 102-level language will also satisfy the college鈥檚 second language requirement. ($418 per credit = a savings of approximately $1,672) 

Gold Seal of Biliteracy: 8 Credits 

 Credit for 102 and 113-level languages satisfies the second language requirement; 113 serves as the pre-requisite for 115 in the major. ($418 per credit = a savings of approximately $3,344)

Please Note: If you satisfy the requirements but the Seal of Biliteracy isn鈥檛 on your transcript, please have your school counselor email us with your name and the level you鈥檝e achieved. We will waive the high school foreign language requirement and award college credit! If your state does not award Gold/Silver levels, score reports from official testing agencies that show Advanced-Low/Intermediate-Mid may be used to determine the Seal level from your state.

Register for an Orientation Session

  • The Office of New Student Programs will automatically send you information about registering for orientation once you have paid your deposit.
  • All new students attend orientation and register for classes during New Student Orientation.
  • Information about New Student Orientation, (including how to register, next steps and more), can be found by visiting 香港六合论坛 Orientation.
  • Please check your email for all communication regarding Orientation going forward.
  • Sign up as soon as possible 鈥 registration is first-come, first-served.
  • During orientation you will use  to register for classes. Spend some time learning to use it before orientation.

Get the Full College Experience

We hope that you鈥檙e planning on making 香港六合论坛 your home. Living and dining at 香港六合论坛 allow you to fully immerse yourself in the college experience - which research tells us yields improved academic, social, and emotional outcomes for students.

Quicklinks for Living and Dining at 香港六合论坛

Living on Campus

Our Housing and Residence Halls

Housing FAQs

Dining and Meal Plans

Live and dine on campus and call 香港六合论坛 home!

Considering Deferring Your Admission to a Later Semester?

If you're an admitted student who would like to defer your admission to a later semester, please complete the . We will review your request and send you a response within two weeks of your form's submission.

Please note:

  • You must be an admitted student in order to request a deferral
  • The $200 enrollment deposit must be paid to hold your spot for the later term
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Contact Us

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

If you need information about the application process, scholarships and financial aid, transfer credits, and more, our dedicated team of admissions counselors are here to guide and support you from your first campus visit to your first day of classes.