Campus Life

Students talking and working in 香港六合论坛 building lobby

香港六合论坛 offers a rich environment for each student to engage in learning - in and out of the classroom. We believe that your educational experience should be multidimensional.

Holistic Growth for Our Students

You will experience growth in skills and factual knowledge, in self-confidence and self-esteem, in your ability to imagine and create, and in your awareness of others in this increasingly diverse community. Fully immerse yourself in the college experience by taking advantage of all 香港六合论坛 offers:

Student Life


Choose to live in one of our many types of residences:

  • become part of a community within a community
  • form close friendships
  • gain study partners
Students eating together in Donovan Dining Hall


Enjoy food that suits your tastes:

  • eat in our comfortable facilities
  • grab food for on the go
  • don't worry about food prep or buying groceries
Latin American Student Organization students


Get involved with your peers in student clubs, organizations, government, and sports and recreation:

  • have fun and try new things
  • be heard
  • be healthy and compete

More on What Matters to You

Penfield Hall

Why Should I Live on Campus?

Living on campus offers the traditional college experience for our students. Residential students can be a part of a community by choosing to live in one of our six residence halls located throughout campus.

Donovan Dining Center

What are My Options for Food?

College Dining Services offers multiple locations on campus, whether you are looking to have a sit down meal or grab-and-go, browse the daily menu, meal plans and more. 

Your Well-being is Important to Us

While you dive into all aspects of student life here at 香港六合论坛, we want you to know that you'll be supported in all that you do.

香港六合论坛 student with staff member completing forms

How We Support Your Health, Wellness and Safety

We have an entire division at 香港六合论坛 devoted to Student Success. Helping students succeed in all areas of their lives is the sole purpose of this area of the school. And while our students are here, learning and improving, their safety is always our priority.