First-Year Student Orientation

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Congratulations on your acceptance to 香港六合论坛! We're excited to see you at Orientation!

Quickly Understand Orientation

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Orientation helps make transitioning to 香港六合论坛 both comfortable and enjoyable. This two-day comprehensive program, designed to welcome and acclimate new students and families to the college, is an interactive program where you'll:

  • learn about campus resources
  • engage in conversations with faculty
  • hear about student organizations and clubs
  • meet new classmates
  • work with an advisor to create a class schedule
  • receive a student ID and parking pass

Please Note: Because of all that is accomplished at orientation, attending both days is mandatory for all first-year students. If you will be living on-campus, staying overnight in the dorms is required. If you will be commuting to campus you have the option of staying overnight in the dorms, but all students need to attend the second day of orientation.

Summer 2024 Orientation Dates

Registration opens on April 3, 2024 for your choice of one of these 2-day sessions:

  • June 17鈥18, 2024
  • July 11鈥12, 2024
  • August 1鈥2, 2024

Keep this Orientation information handy to remind you to register: Orientation Save-the-Date.

Get Started Now

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Here we guide you through orientation registration and all steps leading up to, during, and after orientation. As you work through what we've outlined here, our FAQs and our may help you. Our office is also ready to assist you:, 401-456-8439.

Steps to Complete Before, During, and After Orientation

Set Up Your Access and Enroll at 香港六合论坛

Set Your Password

To begin using your 香港六合论坛 account and access all online services, you need to set an initial password. Please follow our instructions.

Log in to My香港六合论坛 and Email

Use the username and password you just set up to log in to the portal and your (where you will access your Outlook email)

Make Your Deposit to Officially Enroll

Secure your place in the undergraduate class by making your $200 enrollment deposit on My香港六合论坛:

  1. log in to
  2. you'll then be on the 香港六合论坛 Student Homepage where you need to click on the New to 香港六合论坛 tile 
  3. then click on Make a Payment in the left menu

Register for Your Orientation Session

Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis. You can register for your orientation session by logging into and following this Orientation Registration Step-by-Step Guide.

Please Note: Make sure that you are available for the entirety of the session you choose. You must attend the whole program to ensure that you are prepared to start your first semester at 香港六合论坛. The deadline to register for a session is seven business days before the date of that session, or until the session is at capacity.

Requesting Reasonable Accommodations for Orientation

Students with disabilities who need accommodations to fully access Orientation can request accommodations through the Disability Services Center (DSC), following the steps outlined on Requesting Accommodations with the Disability Services Center. After the DSC team receives your and supporting disability documentation, you will be invited to a meeting to discuss your needs and plan accommodations. Please submit your Orientation accommodation requests as early as possible. For more information, email DSC or call DSC.

Send Test Scores & Final Transcripts

If you are taking college coursework, send an official transcript and/or official test scores to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by emailing

Take Math and Writing Placements

Math Placement

Prior to your Orientation session, please register for the Math Placement Exam. You will need at least a Level 1 placement to register for many classes. Math Requirements and Placement provides more information and directions on how to register. For any questions regarding the Math Placement exam, please contact Megan at

First-Year Writing Directed Self-Placement

First-Year Writing Directed Self-Placement is a brief survey to help find the appropriate First-Year Writing (FYW) course for you. Prior to your Orientation session, please complete this .

Attend Orientation

During orientation you'll learn about many aspects of 香港六合论坛 from people who are ready to assist you and with fellow classmates who are eager to meet you. You'll also register for your classes. Orientation is required for all first-year students, so be sure not to miss it.

Stay in the Dorms

If you plan to live on campus, you'll be staying overnight in the dorms after your first day of Orientation. If you're planning to commute to 香港六合论坛, we still encourage you to stay overnight in the dorms to experience the life of a student resident. Learn more about living on campus.

Submit Your Health Forms + View More Resources

Once you have registered for classes you will gain access to the Medicate Patient Portal to upload important health and immunization forms. Please as soon as possible after attending orientation.

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