Dr. Jiyun Wu

  • Associate Professor


Ph.D. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Selected Publications

Connerley, M. & Wu, J. 2016. Handbook on Well-Being of Working Women. Dordrecht: Springer. (Edited Book)
Wu, J. & Wokutch, R.E. 2015. Confucian stakeholder theory: An exploration. Business and Society Review,120 (1):1-21. 
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Wu, J. & Davidson, K. 2011. The business-government-society relationship: A comparison between China and the U.S. Journal of Management Development, 30 (1): 112-125. 
Wu, J. 2010. The Impact of Corporate Supplier Diversity Programs on Corporate Purchasers鈥 Intention to Purchase from Women-Owned Enterprises: An Empirical Test. Business and Society, 49 (2): 359-380.
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Sirgy, M.J., Reily, N. P., Wu, J., & Efraty, D. (2008). A Work-Life Identity Model of Well-Being: A Research Agenda Linking Quality-of-Work-Life (QWL) Program with Quality of Life (QOL). Applied Research in Quality of Life, 3(3): 181-202.


Strategic Management 
Business ethics and society

Book Chapters

Book Chapters

Wu, J. 2018. Confucius. Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society, 2nd edition. Sage Publications.
Wu, J. 2018. Consumer Protection Regulation in the U.S. Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society, 2nd edition. Sage Publications.
Sirgy, J.M.  & Wu, J. 2013. The Pleasant life, the engaged life, and the meaningful life: What about the balanced life? In A.D. Fave (Ed.) Exploration of Happiness. Springer. 
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Wu, J. 2010. Organizational Behavior. In Xiaowei Zhu & Sibin Wu (Eds.) Business Administration. Renmin University Press.pp.296-313.

Book Reviews

Wu, J. 2012. Ideas of happiness from ancient wisdom: A book review. Applied Research in Quality of Life

Wu, J. 2010. Pleasure and meaning: The two foundations of happiness. Applied Research in Quality of Life, 5(1): 79-80.

Opinion Editorial

Wu, J. 2015. The Tianjin Explosion and the Price of Corruption, Providence Journal, August 26.鈥嬧嬧